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If you are looking for the famous British countryside, this is your first choice. It is the largest city of Cumbria, the majority of which lives in rural areas. Its population density is the second lowest in the whole UK, with only 5 towns and nearly 20,000 people, although the province It is the third in the Kingdom in terms of area.
Thus, rural areas are extended and vast, with the lowest population. The beautiful, primal and green landscape occupies the whole scene without civil or urban harassment that can spoil your excellent rural journey.
Carlyle is located in the center of the most beautiful areas, most notably a nature reserve called the Lakes region, and the Ous Mountains most of the area of ​​the province has the highest point in England is the bikeScafell (978 meters). Carlyle is surrounded by parts of the Hadrian Wall. For many, Carlyle is a central starting point for hiking and hiking in the vast and picturesque Cumbria district.
Carlyle can be reached by car via M6 Street or by train across stations and numerous lines such as London and Edinburgh.
Carlyle Cathedral is one of the most important tourist attractions. It was founded in 1112, the seat of the Anglican Episcopal Church in Carlisle, the second smallest cathedral in England after Oxford. Its landmark features include rocks, sculpted stones and a variety of medieval architecture, with the largest decorated Gothic window in every Engeltera.
The Carlyle Castle is located in the center of the city and is an essential part of English heritage. It was established in 1093 by King William II and an important military center for 900 years. Its proximity to the historic border with Scotland has made it the center of many wars and battles. It is adjacent to the remains of the Hadrian Wall and occupies a central place in English history throughout the ages.
For those who want cultural tours after hiking and relaxing in the vast countryside, visit the Tullie House Museum, an excellent museum dedicated to all skin dimensions on the border. Contact Lanes Shopping Center - Shopping online

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