Tourism in

Abu Dhabi

An exciting city being an island in origin, it has
 extensions towards the surrounding land and
 islands. As a dual capital, it includes the
 headquarters of the state and embassies and
the headquarters of the emirate also. The city
 of Abu Dhabi is a clean and quiet city with lots
of gardens, and Corniche is a source of yarn for
 all visitors
When the term "tourism in the UAE" is mentioned,
most of the images of Dubai and the attractions of
its tourist attraction are pulsed in the imagination,
and pictures and fantasies of the other emirates rarely
creep into the imagination. But in the shadow of her
sister Shukia Dubai, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and
the UAE's official capital are moving steadily
towards one of the most important travel and tourism
destinations in the Arabian Gulf. It seems that
Abu Dhabi is smarter than Dubai competing for
the same ideals and point by point, but rather
positioning itself as a travel and tourism destination
that is different in flavor and character of the public,
and do not invite some of the most beautiful
experiences of tourism in the UAE and the Arab
world ... but the whole world,

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