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Kutahya is located in the western Anatolia region and has a past of seven thousand years. The most important feature of Ottoman pottery and pottery is Kutahya Ottoman, where the history of ceramics extends back to the ancient civilizations of the ancient past and the other feature, which is the meeting point of Marmara, Its mineral water is healing.
By the 17th century, Kutahia, one of the major pottery centers of the Ottoman Empire, was praised by the Ottoman traveler Evelia Shalabi, who lived in the 17th century, in his book Siyat Namama, in which he wrote about his travels with the ceramics of this city from which he originated.
Kutahya also contains several hot springs, such as gediz murat dağı, simavi eynal, naşa and emet kaynarca. Its fountains are well-healed and treat many skin diseases, making it an important destination and destination for medical tourism.
In each area of ​​the city, there are thermal water with different features, and eight of 65 thermal water tourism centers, announced by a decision of the Council of Ministers of Turkey, are located in the province of Kutahya.
The thermal water within the city limits helps to heal many diseases such as rheumatism, paralysis, gynecological diseases, neurological disorders, and many other diseases, an attraction for local tourists, foreigners

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