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The Sultanate of Oman is the only Arab country to have the phenomenon of Monsoon rains, where this period is called "Autumn" and often extends from the last third of June to September. Suddenly, in the middle of the Gulf Arab summer, there is a beautiful rain and desert deserts are covered with a green suit that attracts tourists from all neighboring countries.
Muscat is the capital and Salalah is the second capital, and with other cities, Oman is a great tourist center. It is a gateway between the East and the West, not to mention its civilization and culture, which stretches from the dawn of history.
Oman has desert safaris, water and marine sports, with a popular heritage in the arts and traditional handicrafts. The tourism activity in the Sultanate is enhanced through continuous development projects such as hotels, apartments and service facilities.
You can dive into the sea or ski on it, or enjoy dolphins, whales, wildlife, falcons and other birds. A great environmental richness is surrounded by an atmosphere of hospitality and hospitality that is renowned for its generosity and generosity

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