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The State of Seeb is the largest state in the Governorate of Muscat and is located at the end of the governorate from the north side.

It includes many villages and cities, including the ancient swords, wading and the southern and northern citrus. It includes several archaeological sites such as the Al Khod Tower and the Feqa Mosque in the Northern Triangle, which dates back to the year 251 AH, and several valleys such as Wadi Salem bin Abouda and Wadi Al-Lumi. The state has many of the landmarks of industrial, educational, social and commercial renaissance, such as Sultan Qaboos University and the famous malls such as City Center, Al Bahja, Pearl, Wholesale and Amiri Markets and the International Exhibition Center.

In short, the state of Seeb is one of the centers of development in the north of the Sultanate, making it a compulsory location for anyone visiting Amman.

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